Surgical Jaw Bras

Canfield, Inc has been using Wick-away fabric since 1995! Additionally, all Jaw Bras are latex-free and designed to provide compression.

#93 Ice Pack / TMJ Jaw Bra

93 Ice Pack TMJ Jaw Bra White93 Ice Pack TMJ Jaw Bra Blue

Easy on! Velcro Closure System gives infinite range of adjustments.

Our most popular model for a variety of surgical procedures including TMJ, orthognathic, fractures, third molars, as well as home physical therapy. Due to the patented “V” cut support straps with Velcro fasteners, this is the most stable and comfortable post-op pressure bandage available. It comes with two zip-lock bags into which crushed ice may be placed to make cold packs. The Jaw Bra may be used with reusable cold/hot gel packs or cooling devices. One per peel pouch.

White or blue: 23.25 ea.

#95 Genioplasty Jaw Bra


Packed in easy-to-open peel pouch for use in recovery room.

Has a sewn in chin cup for horizontal sliding osteotomies and chin implants. May be used with or without cold packs. Canfield supplies two reusable zip-lock bags with each Jaw Bra. Bags may be filled with crushed ice to make cold packs.

White or blue: 23.25 ea.

#96 Facial Plastics Garment

96 Facial Plastics Garment
96 Facial Plastics Garment
96 Facial Plastics Garment Black
96 Facial Plastics Garment Pediatric
96 Facial Plastics Garment Leopard

These garments provide comfort and support following sub-maxillary suction lipectomy and other soft tissue procedures. The split-top design, plus additional Velcro strap behind the neck, means the garment will stay in place, even through the night. Ear ports prevent pressure on the ears. The standard #96 garment comes in beige, medium-weight material, but a variety of colorful prints are also available. One size fits all. However, large and small sizes are available (+6%/-6%). Pediatric sizes are also available.

Beige, black, and various prints: 24.75 ea.
(Beige will be shipped if a color or print is not specified)

#94 Facial/Liposuction Jaw Bra

94 Facial Liposuction Jaw BraThe original support for soft tissue surgery, but has no ear ports. A third strap around the back of the neck assures just the right amount of support where you want it.

White: 24.25 ea.

#91 Barton Modified Jaw Bra

#91Web-2For facial trauma/fractures and surgeries that require firm mandibular support. Ideal for emergency splinting; keep one in your emergency bag. Also appropriate for the ER, trauma center, and ambulance/emergency vehicles. Effective as a stop snoring aid too.

White: 24.50 ea.

#98 Facial Support

98 Facial Support98 Facial SupportThe same design as our #96 Facial Plastics Garment, but with heavier weight material. Has a third strap around the back of the neck and ear ports for comfort.

White: 24.75 ea.